ISATI new image

ISATI new image

In June 1, 2015

ISATI is always looking to renew and adapt itself and this year its image will undergo some changes. The first of them, the new logo, started to be used in April. It is an evolution of the original idea of the completed puzzle (Solution found and implemented) and the world (our international capability), but in a more simplified way: the world is a sphere, divided into four puzzle pieces.

Our corporate colours, which are ‘creative’ blue and ‘organized’ grey, have been kept,. Other variants introduced in the logo are the font and the addition of “engineering solutions” to instantly inform of our product, in order to give our image a fresh, modern and clear message, while keeping our spirit the same time.

The change has not been limited to our logo: our website is also being updated. Clearer, more practical and adapted to new devices, the new website begins to take its first steps with the hope to be fully grown in the not too distant future.

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