The taxis of the future

In August 23, 2016

Airbus publishes a plan that considers the possibility that drones carry people in 2030

Drones have boosted air freight and Airbus wants to go one step further, so that can be used to transport people. It may sounds a bit unreal, but the technology to do this already exists, although it must be improved. In this respect, 2030 seems more time than enough to achieve it, according to the European company, which has presented a network of autonomous drones called “Vahana”. Improvements would focus on a greater battery efficiency and weight gain in load. For the start of the tests we will not need to wait that long, as the intention is to start with them next year.

The idea is that the drones without driver –called zenHop–, move one or two passengers from the airport to the city at the same price as a taxi and, obviously, in less time. Now, one of the drawbacks that Airbus has to solve is the lack of a pilot who can make decisions if problems arise.

At the moment, in Mexico have already found a solution against the traffic jam, but less sophisticated than drones: traditional helicopters! You can read more in this article (in Spanish):

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