USA will use on Monday its first offshore wind farm

In December 15, 2016

An absolute success, this is the result of the project located in Block Island, in the state of Rhode Island. This community has worked hard to achieve the goal of opening the first offshore wind farm in the United States, adhering to the economic budget and the deadline of completion.

Deepwater Wind has been in charge of the five wind turbines, placed three miles off the coast of the aforementioned island, and they will provide power for about 17.000 homes with a project of $300 million.

More than 300 local workers have been behind the project, completely involved during two years. The technicians were transported diary by the Atlantic Pioneer vessel –built in that state- and the testing period has taken about four months.

Deepwater CEO, Jeffrey Grybowski, considers that “this is just the start of a new U.S. renewable energy industry, that will put thousands of Americans to work and power communities up and down the East Coast for decades to come”.




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