Sector Aeronáutico

Participating in Aerospace projects in the form of technical assistance and/or work package.

Technical support given by specialist in different areas collaborating on projects for leading Aerospace manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer, etc.).

Activity Areas:

  • Structural Analysis

    Metallic and composite structures.
    Static and fatigue and damage tolerance analysis.
    Modal and Vibrational Analysis.
    Component validation and Justification.
    Validation and Justification of production concession.
    Preparation of certification reports.
  • Structural Design

    Metallic and composite structures.
    Preliminary and concept design.
    Product structural definition.
    Detail design for manufacture.
    Modification of existing components.
    Generation of documentation for manufacture and PDM management.
  • System Installation and Integration

    Design of System Installation (Electrical, hydraulic, fuel, pneumatic etc.).
    Fight Test Installation (FTI).
    System Integration.
  • Other areas

    Materials and Processes (M&P).
    Technical and engineering support to Aircraft Maintenance and Overhaul (MRO).
    Human factors engineering for ergonomic definition and certification of cockpit and console layouts.
    Manufacturing engineering.
    Liaison and coordination between clients and offshore design centers.
    Design and structural analysis of aero-engine components.
    Design and integration of aero-engine auxiliary systems (EBU).
    Definition, validation and certification of aircraft systems (Electrical, hydraulic, fuel, pneumatic , control systems and software).

ISATI has a vast experience supporting numerous and varied aircraft components projects such as HTP, VTP, Fuselage (different sections,) Wings, Slats, Center Wing Box, Keel Beam, Belly Fairing, pressure bulkheads etc.