Sector Eólico

Participation in Onshore and Offshore win energy projects with technical assistance and/or closed work package.

Technical support with specialists from different areas collaborating in the development of different families of wind turbines from 2MW to 8MV.

Activity Areas:

  • Structural analysis and design

    Structural analysis of extreme fatigue and dynamics in mechanical elements such as Nacelle, Spinner, Rotor, Main Frame, Yaw System…etc. for development and validation.
    Calculations of different types of joints according to international standards.
  • Software development to create tools

    Technical software programming for component calculations.
    Improvement and automation of procedures using Software.
    Code programming.
  • Technical support for Control

    Design of new control strategies.
    Simulation of controller behavior using aero-elastic code.
    Analysis of field data.
    Assistance in stating-up new WIND farms.
  • Specialists in Materials and Processes

    Metal, composite, coatings, inspections.
    Definition and qualification of new materials.
    Generation of technical standards of M&P.
    Technical audits.
    Solution of quality non-conformities.