ISATI provides a fully inclusive service

This regularly includes:

  • Personal documentation for those countries where services are supplied.
  • Accident, life, healthcare insurance.
  • Equipment and tools.
  • Banking solutions & tax solutions.
  • Advice on education opportunities for engineers’ children.

Foreign bureaucracy can be completely bewildering and visits to immigration and labour offices daunting. Our people may require work permits, military security clearances, VAT registrations and other such regulatory requirements, often prior to entry into the country where the services are to be supplied.

ISATI views the provision of correct local documentation as necessary to reflect the professional image of the company and for the peace of mind of our people during any assignment

ISATI staff are covered at all time for events in connection with activities they may undertake. These include on-the-job training, activities requiring contact with client, facilities and equipment, and for accidents they may have themselves. Insurance includes medical cover for transfers abroad. ISATI only uses top-tier insurance companies.

Being ill is unpleasant at the best of times. Organisation of local healthcare can be time-consuming. Being ill in a strange country can be a daunting experience. ISATI offers healthcare insurance with the possibility of repatriation or choice of timing for hospitalisation. ISATI also assists in arranging any additional healthcare or travel insurance that may be necessary and personally requested.

ISATI adheres to the Italian regulations in relation to Environment, Health and Safety at work (TU 81/08).

ISATI offers its engineers only equipment of the highest levels. ISATI maintains regular contact with specialist tool suppliers, to ensure that all kits are complete, and fully functional, but also of recent technology.

ISATI utilises only best brands and suppliers, to support them in the provision of their work; specialist tool brand names such as Stahlwille and RS.

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