With the leaders of the industry

ISATI S.r.l. offers a wide but specific range of services to aeronautical businesses, from project work and design (e.g. CATIA activities), to post sales customer care (e.g. maintenance and logistics activities).

ISATI currently supplies its services to a number of leaders in this industry; constructors of fixed wing, rotary wing, manufacturers of components and spare parts.

ISATI S.r.l. has offices in the Milan and Venice areas in northern Italy.

Special programmes

ISATI can adapt and tailor client needs, to provide exactly what is required to suit specific programmes. Past examples have been management of depots for spare parts in foreign countries, where the client lacked physical presence, through the use of experience logistics managers and liaising with local authorities for the creation of an effective and efficient paperwork fast streams.

ISATI also coordinates the training of client staff, in order to pass on internal know-how and allow clients to manage their own programmes in the long term.

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