The idea of ISATI started to form in my mind when I was a young consultant aeronautical engineer on mission in what for me a beautiful, exciting and welcoming country, Spain.

I enjoyed my work and was valued by the end client and I understood that the projects could be short term and my direct employer was functionally very effective. However I felt that if I ever had the chance, I would set up a company where the relationship with the direct employer was different, a close and human relationship creating an environment which people would want to be part of and perhaps even be proud to be part of. I believed that this would motivate consultants, allow them to focus on their engineering, which for most is also their passion and make them more productive and creative and that this would also lead to satisfied clients. It was a simple idea which became a dream.

Years later in 2005, after other experiences in different European countries, and after a lot of thinking and planning with my father and my sister Amapola, my business partners, an opportunity arose in welcoming Spain, and we decided it was time to go for it.

At the beginning, the ISATI team was small but this also made us very flexible and adaptable which our clients appreciated. Our consultants responded to the challenge with their high quality and focused work and rewarded our efforts with their loyalty. ISATI has enjoyed almost no attrition. ISATI grew. Our reputation spread as a caring company, enabling us to attract the best engineers which then enhanced our reputation for high quality services with our clients.

Initially our clients were mainly in Spain but with my multi-cultural background and we were able to adapt to markets outside Spain, developing a close relationship initially with clients in Belgium and France where I had worked as a consultant.

Ten years later ISATI is an established organization with a substantial client base throughout Europe, working in diverse fields from UAVs to trains to wind generators, with design offices in Madrid and Pamplona and consultants based all over the world from Brazil to the Czech Republic.

The management team has also grown to nine, all of whom believe in the initial idea but who also bring their own personal ideas and energy. Everyone knows their role, assumes their responsibilities and is truly dedicated. With my partners, who have always supported me, they are the fuel that drives the ISATI dream and I value every one of them.

We know however that we cannot sit back, that if we wish to continue on the same successful path paved by technical, commercial and human expertise we must continue to adapt; continue to adapt to our clients’ needs and the diverse cultures of their companies and countries, continue to adapt to changing markets and legislation, while never forgetting to care for our most important asset, our consultant engineers and adapt to their every changing needs.

Current Mission: High quality engineering solutions provided by motivated people to satisfied clients in an ever changing world.

Future Mission: Creative Engineering to help improve the world.