• Presentation

    ISATI (International Solutions for the Aeronautical and Telecommunications Industries) S.L. is a spanish company created in 2005 to offer its experience in human resources, design and production – as well as all associated documentation – in projects developed by customers worldwide within the aeronautical fields, telecommunications and other high technology components.

  • History

    In 2003 members of the Fairtlough family began to develop a business opportunity for which each had a specific expertise.

    Isati Srl, an Italian company was born to provide solutions in the world of helicopter maintenance, aeronautical design and, briefly, telecommunications.

    By 2005 the business had expanded into Spain and Isati SL was incorporated based in Vitoria near to the first main client Aernnova

    Other clients were added both in Aerospace and new sectors such as Wind Energy and Railway as Isati SL became known for competent, hardworking and dedicated engineers supported by a fine administrative team. Both companies, Spanish and Italian prospered and survived the recent financial crisis and are now considering managing an MRO activity in order to exploit the mutual strengths within the ISATI Group of companies.