ISATI’s mission is to provide the best possible support to our engineers and to make sure that the work conditions are such as to create the most suitable, enjoyable and motivating environment possible. This will also result in better performance and results and hence a greater client satisfaction. We aim to be a point of reference in our industry and in order to achieve this, we try to establish the best partnerships with all the parties involved in our projects, being focused on a transversal approach and not vertical, considering that everyone is important and able to contribute.

For ISATI it is imperative to fulfill all the requirements of our clients, including legal and regulatory aspects that could affect us, while driving the continuous improvement of the quality of our services.

With the aim to achieve everything mentioned above, our actions are driven by the following:

  • To ensure that our SERVICES are implemented as REQUIRED.
  • To detect, study and solve problems with a PREVENTATIVE
  • To provide the BEST POSSIBLE SERVICES TO OUR CLIENTS, guaranteeing that their NEEDS and EXPECTATIONS are always fully satisfied.
  • The establishment of ANNUAL OBJECTIVES by the company management and their MONITORING, through the corresponding INDICATORS, ensuring that all the company’s departments are INFORMED. An aspect considered to be essential for the development of the Management System.
  • The Management has an imperative commitment to provide adequate TRAINING for all the employees, as well as human and materials RESOURCES

ISATI Management takes the responsibility of implementing a Management System in all its areas, comprehensively and with authority, in order to ensure the systematic and disciplined involvement and adaptation as well as the commitment of all its personnel to its requirements, based on the following aspects:

  • To provide all the necessary resources at its disposal;
  • Always maintain a good work environment in order to get the commitment of the staff towards achieving the objectives established;
  • Establish the fact-based approach in order to make decisions and take actions;
  • Any contributions, both internal and external, will be considered for the company’s continuous improvement and to provide better services to our clients.


In Vitoria, August 28st, 2019

Alexander E. Fairtlough